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Caffeine Mac Alternative 2021

Caffeinated: A great alternative to Caffeine for Mac in 2021.

Caffeine from Lighthead Software has been a very popular small menu bar utility app for Mac for many years. Sadly, it hasn’t been updated in a while. Over the years, Apple kept evolving its products and operating systems while adding features like Dark Mode or Retina Displays. Consequently, Caffeine lost its compatibility with some of the features introduced to newer operating systems.

In the following we present Caffeinated as a great alternative to Caffeine in 2021 available on the Mac App Store.

Caffeinated as an alternative to Caffeine.

Caffeinated is a menu bar tool inspired by Caffeine. Hence, the name choice.

Caffeinated adds a little coffee cup to your menu bar. One simple click (either right-click / ⌘-click or left-click depending on your settings) on the icon prevents your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen saver. Just like Caffeine.

Caffeine was great because it was simple, yet useful. Caffeinated honors this simplicity while adding a few options and settings to its core functionality. It’s available on the official Apple Mac App Store. It has gotten hundreds of reviews over the years with an average worldwide rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Caffeinated is compatible with Dark Mode, Retina Displays and all current versions of macOS, Big Sur included. Caffeinated receives regular updates and improvements based on user feedback. Moreover, it is actively being developed and maintained. This makes Caffeinated a great if not the best alternative to Caffeine.

How does Caffeinated work?

Caffeinated is based on an official command line tool by Apple. Therefore, it’s completely safe to use and supports all current versions of macOS (10.10+). Caffeinated’s features range from many duration options to various settings. Find out more about Caffeinated on the App Store.

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