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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, use the contact form below. We are happy to help!

Does Caffeinated Keep The MacBook Awake When Closing The Lid?

Caffeinated is not developed to keep the MacBook awake when the lid is closed. Why this is and how you can keep your MacBook awake even when the is closed, you can read here.

How To Get Started With It?

After downloading Caffeinated from the App Store, you simply launch it like any other app. Once it’s launched, it sits in your menu bar (at the top of your display). It does not have a dock icon.

Can I Toggle Caffeinated Without Having To Open The Menu?

Yes, you can. By default, left-clicking will open the menu and right-clicking (secondary click) will toggle the activation state. You can change this in the options to left-click.

Will Caffeinated Receive Updates In The Future?

Caffeinated receives regular updates based on your feedback. It will also get updated if there are any changes to Apple’s operating system.

Why Does The Menu No Longer Appear?

This is most likely happening because you enabled the setting “Activate with left-click”. Try right-clicking (secondary click / ctrl-click) the coffee cup to open the menu.

Does My MacBook Have To Be Connected To Power?

No. Your MacBook does not have to be connected to the power supply in order for Caffeinated to work. 

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