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Search our patch notes to get a brief overview of Caffeinated’s development over the past few years. Last updated on January 17th, 2021.

version 1.20


NEW: Optimized for Apple Silicon
Other minor improvements and bugfixes

version 1.19


NEW: Big Sur App Icon
FIX: Colored menu bar icon on macOS Big Sur
FIX: Some translations

version 1.18


NEW: Translate into Korean
FIX: Menu not opening on external monitors on macOS Catalina (thanks to Ben)
FIX: Italian translation (thanks to Francesco)

version 1.17


Minor improvements, bugfixes, and updated informations

version 1.16


FIX: Allow screensaver setting
FIX: Activation indicator color for macOS Catalina
FIX: Secondary click on menu bar icon
FIX: Russian translation

version 1.15


NEW: Option to use system accent color for menu bar icon
FIX: Minor memory leak in rare cases (only on MacBooks)
FIX: Translation errors

version 1.14


NEW: Optional left-click activation
IMPROVE: Redesign activation indicator

version 1.13


NEW: The selected duration is now saved
Other minor bugfixes

version 1.12


NEW: Setting – Deactivate on battery power
IMPROVE: Better organize settings submenu

version 1.11


NEW: Activation indicator
NEW: Polish translation

version 1.10


FIX: Not activating with connected charger
FIX: Welcome window not centered

version 1.9


FIX: Does not stay awake with “allow screensaver” and macOS Mojave
FIX: Recommend menu not supporting dark mode
FIX: Notification directly after launch saying “Charger connected, Caffeinated has been activated”, but Caffeinated did not activate
FIX: Screen saver won’t come up even with the setting activated

version 1.8


NEW: Compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave
NEW: Compatible with Mojave’s Dark Mode
FIX: About Window now closes when you share the app via mail
FIX: Welcome Window now opens in foreground

version 1.7


NEW: Option to Activate Caffeinated when Connecting to Charger (MacBook only)
NEW: Option to Allow Screen Saver
NEW: Backwards Compatibility for OS X Yosemite 10.10
NEW: Share Options in About Window
FIX: Multiple About Windows
FIX: About Window opens in Background

version 1.6


NEW: Option to Auto-Deactivate Caffeinated when battery drops below 20% (MacBook only)
IMPROVE: Anti-Sleep is now activated when lauching the app for the first time
FIX: Menu Items are no longer disabled when About Window is open
FIX: Height of the Status Bar Icon has been adjusted

version 1.5


IMPROVE: Add a welcome window explaining the app features
IMPROVE: Redesign about window

version 1.4


NEW: Desktop notifications
And other minor fixes and improvements

version 1.3


NEW: Backwards compatibility with macOS 10.11
NEW: Turkish and Portuguese localizations

version 1.2


NEW: Chinese localization

version 1.1


NEW: Add “Activate/Deactivate” – menu item



In April 2018 we released Caffeinated on the Mac App Store! 🎉🥳

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